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This pertains mainly to the 94-96 SS guys.

The 2011 LTX Shootout is coming up on September 3rd.

This year they have added a "Street Stock" class to cater to the cars with bolt-ons only. There is a minimum raceweight of 3350lbs which might be pretty hard for the B-body guys to get to. I would bet that a low 12 second car will take home the trophy. Any of you bolt-on guys run 12's??

The Extreme Street class opens up for a lot of modifications with a minimum weight limit of 3400lbs. You have to keep the Ltx style intake and run a 4L60. I think this would be the best fit for the heavily modded Impala SS's.

The Modified classes allow a raceweight of 3075lbs which would be pretty tough for a b-body to make. They also allow th350's, th400's and single plane intakes. How light can you get an Impala SS?

Outlaw class is anything goes!

There is also an LTx Index class and LTx Bracket for anyone to enter.

You can swap an LT1 into a different body style, but be sure to check the class rules to make sure it meets the criteria.

Here is the class listings:

2011 LTX Shootout » Classes

There are a few "smacktalk" threads on LS1tech in the LT1 section if you want to follow along:

2011 LTX Shootout ROLL CALL and smack thread....(yes i know its early lol) - LS1TECH

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