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I was checking them out recently and they look like a really good deal. Lots of standard features you pay extra for on imports. And I think it is time again for Americans to buy US products.

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Just picked mine up. The 1LTs are pretty nicely priced for the options you get, $26,270 sticker for loaded to the hilt. After that I think you are paying for more than you get. I got the 50th this weekend, have to say I am completely impressed with the room inside the car. I sat in the back seats with the fronts all the way back, unless your 6-2 or taller you shouldnt have any trouble in the back seats, especially not in the fronts. The ride is remarkable, smooth yet still has a road feel (the 50th has the FE3 suspension). The car is selling like hot cakes right now, no dealer wants to let go of one unless its a sale or they can get like for like from another dealer.

Hope that helps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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