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Just got signed up today.

I (sort of) have a '68 Super Sport Convertible, with the 396(325HP) engine, 4 speed manual transmission, pretty much original equipment.

The car belonged to a family member who is no longer alive, and it's my job to try to sell this car. I'd really like to sound like I know what I'm talking about, so any and all input would be appreciated.

Questions I've received so far on this car (I had it at a car show this weekend with a "For Sale" sign on it) are:

*What kind of rear end does it have?
*Was it an off-body restoration?
*Is that 65,000 original miles? (I think it is, but how in the world does one go about proving that?)
*Can I take it for a spin? (Right.. just as soon as you buy it)

Anyway, I'm enjoying hanging around with guys and their cars, but would like to sound a bit more professional.

Let me know your thoughts....
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