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An Impala Remembered

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This is my first post to the forum, and would like to tell everyone a little about myself.

I grew up in a suburb of Buffalo NY, and got my license at age 16 in 1966. At that time, my family had only one vehicle, a 64 Impala with a 283. It was my Dad's car, and he let it be known that it would not be available to me as often as I might like.

My mother, who herself never drove, had only recently gotten her license, made up her mind to get a car of her own. She had once worked with a guy who was now the General Manager of the local Chevy dealer, and off we went one evening to talk to him.

The choice came down to a leftover 1965 Impala SS convertible with a 283, or a brand new 1966 Impala Sport Coupe with a 327/275. My mother asked me, "Which one?" It was a tough call, the only factors I ended up considering was convertible versus 327. I ended up recommending the '66, solely for the bigger engine. She bought it.

For the last two years of high school, I was on top of the world due to that Impala. My Mom was very generous with the car, it was basically mine. I drove it to school everyday, I used it every night. I raced it at the local 1/8 mile drag strip, and I ruled the GS/A class. I should point out that on most nights, I was the only GS/A car there. But that two speed Powerglide was perfect for the 1/8 mile. But I was out there doing it, which was a lot more than most of the guys in my school.

I learned about life, love, and myself in that car. Cruising the local circuit. Street racing. Bar hopping (NY was an 18 year old state back then). The slow cruise home at the end of the night, my steady girl pressed up against me on the black vinyl bench seat, both of us wishing the night would never end. All that in a '66 Impala.

I'm 58 years old now, and I am in a position where I can get a street cruiser. I thought I would like a '66 or '67 Corvette, as that was the car I always wanted. But the memories of an old Impala keep coming back to me, and I think I would be happier with the car of my youth.

I'm in no rush, the car will present itself someday, until then I will watch, and remember...
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being a oldie myself.yep thoses were the days,built a 65 chevelle back in my hi school years,growing up in the muscle car age is something that will never be had again,we built up a ton of old school knowledge over the decades which we can applied to a mid 60's ride with more modern stuff.i like them all, but do like the mid 60s impalas
Your mother was cool to listen to your suggestion and letting you use that car. That is a nice car, hope you find one soon.
hello & welcome!!
sounds like those were some good times for you man! it only makes me wonder of all the things my 68 fastback has seen/gone thru....
Welcome to the forum. That is an awesome story.

Being in my late forties, I can only slightly remember some of those great cars. You just couldn't kill some of them.

I now have my dad's '95 Impala SS and I love her. Partly because of the car it is. But mostly because it was his. I clearly understand your emotional attachment. Good luck with your search.
sounds framiliar. i watched mine drive around town when i was a kid and then found it for sale when i was seventeen. that was nine years ago. i have had nine cars and trucks, but i only kept one. i have had alot of fun(and most was illigal) in that car.
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