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you'll notice a sucking sound on start up, any air that is cooler/more dense will help, just not sure about performance wise if you will NOTICE any significant gains;) if you really want to wake up that 3.8, get the following:
Aftermarket down pipe - most restrictive part of the exhaust
Front power log - you really dont need the rear
HVIII- ZZP high velocity intake insert
180* Tstat
Home made FWI w/ K&N filter

you'll really notice a difference with just those, and all of them together will run you $500-800 total. Performance gains of 30+ to the wheels, and i would say better fuel economy, but once you do that, you may develop leadfootitis ;)

Most of them are pretty easy mods to do yourself, you may want to have an exhaust shop do the down pipe though.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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