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hey guys

i'm pretty sure most of you read qaloss' handbook ....

on page 14 (Intake Alternatives) there is list of possible products to upgrade to

my question is, which one is the best?

my SS is stock and a daily driver, but i would like to upgrade the intake system to something a little more efficient and better looking:cool:

I read someone mentioned "The only high-pressure areas are under the front bumper and at the base of the windshield (hence the cowl-induction hood)"

how does the air get to the intake from the base of the windshield?

does that make the "RAMMIT" intake system better?

i was leaning to purchasing a new fiberglass hood, but don't know which one is better according to the intake system

for the RAISS (and similar ones) intake system there is the Suncoast Hood and another not mentioned in the handbook (see pics).

for the RAMMIT intake system there is the stock hood or the cowl hood.

and what's the deal with having one filter vs dual filters? (see pics)

what do you guys advise is the best set up of hood and intake system for a daily driver like myslef?

i greatly appreciate your comments:smile:

one more thing: is it possible to bond regular fiberglass to carbon fiber?:confused:

thanks again:biggrin:


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i almost died of laughter from the comment on dual intake cones :biggrin:

i have anther topic posted on called "Ram Air Intake"

i'm sure i'll be purchasing the Suncoast hood

but i'm still stuck between getting the RAISS or the suncoast intake....:confused:

i posted what the tech said about both of them .... just wanna know which is more efficient.

thanks again for all your help !!!

you rock FooserGuy :icon_super:
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