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I am trying to find out if the front impact sensors for the airbags run directly back to the SDM? If so I also need to know the route the wiring runs which way the wiring runs?

If it is a direct run also and I have the wiring disconnected from the center and the SDM can I use a short tracing device by power probe that introduces a signal into the wire so I can find the break in The Wire? The code is b0085 subfault 5 which is short to voltage. I will use a ohmmeter first to verify the wire is good. I also need to know what very small size the holes on the plug I removed from the sdm so I can use a small t-pin or something similar without damaging the plug unless someone knows where I can get dummy test ports that plug in and give you a test port or surface to measure values with.

It's just a matter of finding the problem with the wire right now as the sensors have been verified to be good left and right and also with a known good one as well. I'd like to put an end to this problem so the airbags will be back working and I can move on two other projects such as new struts, sway bar, stabilizer links, mufflers and of course an alignment.

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