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Additions to the new car.

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Ive had the car for about 5 months now. When I first bought it it had a power steering leak. Was told to try some power steering stop leak. So I bought some lucas fluid and put it in. Still leaked, took to the dealership to get it looked at seeing how my normal mechanic was busy. They said it was the power steering pump. Got a new one in (around $200) and it still leaked. And when I say leak, I mean a quart about every 4-5 miles. Went back and they said the pump was bad. Seeing how the pump they installed wasn't a GM one but from advanced auto they wouldn't cover labor. So another $170 I get a GM one and it still leaks. Then they replace the hoses and it still does it. Finds out the rack and pinion was bad. They felt bad for a misdiagnosis and waved all labor charges. So another $550 and I have all new power steering system. Well was heading home later that night and the power steering locked up while turning and smashed into an embankment and broke tie rod and bumper. Went back pissed and they replaced all tie rods on both sides and then said I would have to pay for the bumper. I threatened lawyer and three weeks later got a new bumper. No problems since with the power steering. In May replaced oil to full Mobil 1 synthetic and put in a K&N oil filter and air filter. Replaced all brake pads, rotors and calipers. Cost about $500 installed through family mechanic. Muffler fell of one day on the way to work. I work at a limestone mining company and its a bumpy road. Put on a new Flowmaster Super 44 with chrome tip and it sounds bad ass. Added seat covers and bought a Ultraguage to monitor stuff. Added my subs into the trunk with the amp. Hardwired the radar scanner. Put on different hubcaps due to putting on winters in a few months then 18's next year for summer. LED reverse lights and license plate cover and LED license plate bulb with LED trunk light. Blacked out Chevy symbols, anyone have any idea to make them red? Really want to do that. Added LED fog COB lights. Added HID 5000k. Will post pictures. Added new stereo with rear view camera and full LED interior. Soon new interior speakers. Put like I said I will post pictures for everything.
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Alright guys got some pictures after a car wash. Only upgrades left are some chrome pillar covers. Any one know if those will be ok with my rain gaurds? Just have to pick the up some on the edge and put it under there then stick it back on. Also winter tires in a few months. Then want to get around 18 inch rims for summer. What size do you guys recommend? Rim size and tire size that it. I'm thinking 18 or 17 due to the roads in town are pretty bumpy in some spots so I don't want rubber band tires haha.


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Sorry about the pictures again. I went and edited them to 1024x768, don't know why their like that.
Lookin good! A little much for my tastes, but I'm a minimalist.

The pillars shouldbe fine under the rain guards, but I'd think they wouldn't look as good since the rain guards "cut them off" if you will.

As for wheels and tires, I'd recommend 18" and 235/50-18 tires :eek:k3:
Looks good. I those same exact wheel covers on my 2010 Impala LS silver ice metallic. They look better on yours since its red. However those wheel covers are terrible. After only a month one just fell off and it was a rear one. I never got another set and just put the factory ones back on. I didn't want to spend more money on these only to loose more. Hopefully yours stay on.

Just curious as to what year your Impala is. Its super clean and looks fantastic.
Nice car. Personally, I like the black and red and would not break up the lines with chrome pillars.
Nice car. Personally, I like the black and red and would not break up the lines with chrome pillars.
Agreed. You've got the whole black/red theme going. Adding the chrome will just detract from that IMO
Alright thanks guys. Ill be getting new tires like I said this fall for winter. Living up in the UP of Michigan where you can get 2 feet of snow over night and commuting to school daily, winter's are a must. And ok, ill order some black covers. I just hate how they pillars right now are all shitty looking from baking in the sun. I think black ones would look better. snitsky999 thanks man. And it's an 07, just over 100k miles. And I had one fall off stopping at a stop light. Went to kmart when they sell them and they had a pack of 4 for 15 dollars so I got 3 spares haha. The only reason that one fell off was due to on of the teeth being broke on it. And Bud54 how did you change your chevy logo red? I just covered mine in some black vinyl I had laying around but would love to make it red.

Heres the winter tires.

Had them on my old car and nothing could stop me. Also its an excuse to need aftermarket summer in the spring. What do you guys think black or chrome for the summer? Im really leaning towards black.


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with what you've already done to your car, I'd go black wheels.
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Alright guys. I looked around for some pillar cover on ebay and I'm not liking the whole not covering the curve by the back window. Doesn't really look all that great. I found a set of chrome ones that go around the bend. Now if I were to get them I would remove the rain guards for a smooth chrome look. I am not and never will get my windows tinted do to the laws up here and not tinting front windows. Back windows only tinted looks lame to me at least. Or if I get the black ones ill have to figure out how to black out the window trim so it's all black. So what do you guys think? What exactly should I do? I want it too be all smooth and look the same. Also thinking about doing some debadging in the back and any ideas how to change the front bowtie red?
To KG2014 I put all 4 of those wheel covers on exactly according to directions and not one had a broken clip or anything. The odd thing was it was a rear one. Just hitting the typical bumps in the road should not have caused it to fall off that easily. Plus I spend about $32 on them. Maybe use your factory wheel covers or get a set of them and plasti dip them black.

Let me say for a 2007 car with over 100k miles it looks new. Maybe not close up since I am sure it has small blemishes (as most older cars do) but not noticeable. I thought is was a 2009 to 2011.
Honestly, back windows tinted and front untinted looks better to me than all untinted.
Thanks man. There's about 2 little paint chips from rocks on the good. Bumper had a lot but it's a brand new bumper so there's none. And well I'll think about getting them done. I know around here they charge around $230 just to do the back windows. Which seems really expensive.
That does seem high. I paid $140 to have the whole car done originally. Did them myself the second time around (except the back window, cost me $40)
That's why I don't want to get it done. The closet from there is around 3 hours away.
I agree about not getting it done at all if you don't want to do the fronts. I think just having the backs tinted just looks really strange...

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I agree %100. Im still debating about black or chrome pillars. Just not sure.
I agree as well! Not to mention a good portion of my driving is at night time so I really have no need for tint.
To KG2014 about your hood. You only have 2 stone chips on it and you are very lucky. My hood has over 100 (just a guess) stone chips on it and it looks hideous. Due to my car being silver in color they aren't noticeable unless you are up close.

Maybe change the door handles to chrome like the LTZ models have if you like that.
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