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2008 impala ltz with the dual zone climate control. ac works and so does the blower, blower works well, but very weak air flow through the vents. even with the cabin air filter replaced. i don’t think the evaporator is clogged. when i’m in the interstate, and had the air filter out, if i turn the blower motor on (doesn’t matter what speed) i’ll get a reasonable amount of air coming through the vents, cold too.

i know that is is because the 70 mph wind going in. so i’m wondering what would cause this? 2/3 blend door actuator seem fine (recirc and passenger one, cant quite get to the drivers side one, would this one be the issue?) i’m honestly at a loss for words, i took the resistor out and i can feel the fins of the evaporator and it doesn’t seem clogged, the only thing i can think would be the driver side actuator not working, however i do not know if that’s even what it controls.

i have the whole front dash facia and dash out (see attached image) and i still cannot figure out why it seems clogged…
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