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my source -

I'm gonna be installng after market in my 09 impala. my setup will be -

2009 imapal LT \w

amps - to be chosen choices -

sound stream HRU.4 + ref 1.1000 , or mcntosh 440 6 channel, or sound stream class A 6.0 and JL HD 1200\1 or 750\1 depending on sub

arc audio black 12" or morel ultimo

and german maestro MS comp set for front stage.

their are two options, both tweeters in each set are thine nough, under .5" BUT theirs a .8" wide version and a 1.6" version. of course the larger version will yeild a more robust high end, but will likley not sound much differnet in the long run, but none the less i'd like to run the 1.6" tweeters. how wide of a tweeter can fit in the hole? the grill on the A pillar is at least 2" wide but idk about inside, i could probobly mod them i just need info. i am not doing any external mods, no pods.
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