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96 9c1 front brake caliper question

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Hi everyone....Just replaced my front spindles on my 1996 9c1.When installing the brake calipers the passenger side went in fine.The drivers side was to tight to be installed without grinding some material of the caliper contact area.:cool:
Does anyone know how much space there should be between the caliper and spindle/knuckle contact pad area?:dunno::
How freely should the caliper slide?
I dont want the caliper to hang up when it heats up,however if it is to loose it might be noisy..
Should the contact pad area be greased?
Thank You...:yikes:
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bolt guides are fine...the problem is where the caliper rides in the khuckle not the pins or guides.Its the flat surface above and below the caliper where it contacts the knuckle/spindle.
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