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I have a 95 SS and would like to get the collectible car insurance for it. I have had it since new, and it only has 20,000 miles on it, just used once in a while to got to work, and short errands ect. It's kept in the garage here @ home and I have a Chevy Avalanche for general everyday use.
I have been using Sneed Robinson and Gerber for years with unlimited miles, but this past year I don't know why as I never had a claim with them they changed me over to American Modern Insurance Co. And they are OK, but that's just for the first year, then the policy gets very restrictive for the car, limited miles, and very limited places to go too. And as far as my driving record is concerned, I have'nt had a reportable accident in over 25 years!!
It's not like I am going to drive to Hawaii, (Work is only 5 miles away on local streets ) and I mostly rely on it for a backup car or just to drive something different once in a while and really don't want any super limited restrictions if my Avalanche get laid up for a while!!!
And as far as the cost it was the same between the 2 companies, $500.00 per year with full coverage and $25,000 replacement coverage if the car was stolen. It's not a show car, strictly stock! In fact, I just got new tires for it this past January!!
So if you have any insurance companies in mind as I am in New Jersey, please pass it along.
Thanks :wink:
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