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Noticed that the drivers side rear window will work sometimes and other times it doesn't. When it is working, both the driver control switch and the rear control switch will operate the window. Times it doesn't work, when I press the switch there is no sound and no action. The car is in good shape , well taken care of with somewhat low miles (24k) and really everything else seems fine including the other windows.

Would anyone venture a guess if this is a connection issue, a problem with the switch or a regulator/motor concern?

Also, this will sound somewhat stupid, but these vehicles have high beam lamps, right? I was driving yesterday and when I went to pull back on the signal lever to flash someone, I did not see the blue display on the dash or notice that the brights come on. Then I tried to push the lever forward to turn the high beams on and it didn't 'click' into place like I expected and I did not want to force. Any insight on this would help me know if I have an issue or not. Thanks.

check all of your wiring and connections at the switches....check the wiring coming into the door....i would start off easy by pulling the connectors off the switches and testing the power there first....while off, you can test the switches for continuity when they are turned on...

as for teh high beams, yes you should be able to activate them by pulling on the lever towards you.... doesnt sound like a fuse because i think i remember that there is only one for the high and low beams (can't remember so correct me if i am wrong).
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