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the LT1 flung a rod right threw the block and i got a 80 something 350 just sitting around and the engines look pretty much the same so i planned on sticking the 350 in the car but i want fuel injection and i dont want to go out and buy a fuel injection kit if the heads and intake bolt up.
i also have a 91 fuel injected 305 will its intake bolt on the 350.
the LT1 is out of a 94 cadillac fleetwood, the 350 is out of a 80 some chevy camper and the 305 is out of a 91 chevy caprice wagon if that helps any

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The LT1 intake does not have coolant ports. It is a dry intake, unlike every gen 1 SBC. It wont work on your carbed motor.

If you want injection, you can get an intake manifold from a 91-93 Caprice. They have TBI, and the intakes are very similar.
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