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94-96 impala parts

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:frown:here is a list of the following things i need
-both fenders
-performance front and rear suspension
-all 4 door panels
-floor shifter bezel
-front doors
-rear quarter panels
-im sure there is more, but thats all i can think of right now
-please help me find this stuff:frown:, pm me or call 225-931-9592 (at a decent hour please)
-thx daniel
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that's a pretty long list of pretty hard stuff to find ......

let me see what i can do:cool:

r u looking for factory parts or aftermarket?
Have you check the local salvage yards lately? They may have one or a few to check.
Have you check the local salvage yards lately? They may have one or a few to check.
True. It is a great time to find Caprices. Everyone is junking them because of gas prices.
^^^^on the second link, those are roadmaster panels.

I have a driver side roadmaster panel cheaper. LMK.
Yes, but the part that lines up with the dash is different in appearance. Also, the type of carpet placed on the bottom is different.
Here is a Caprice/Impala style:

and here is the Roadmaster style:

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i never noticed that, thanx for pointing those minor, but important, details out !!!! :cool:
A lot of people won't even notice and unless you are building a showcar, who cares, right?

If it bothers you, the dash section can be removed and replaced with a caprice on but it is a lot of work.

Some people say the color is slightly different too but it looks the same to me. I know the window bezels are a different color grey.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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