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:frown:here is a list of the following things i need
-both fenders
-performance front and rear suspension
-all 4 door panels
-floor shifter bezel
-front doors
-rear quarter panels
-im sure there is more, but thats all i can think of right now
-please help me find this stuff:frown:, pm me or call 225-931-9592 (at a decent hour please)
-thx daniel

Yes, but the part that lines up with the dash is different in appearance. Also, the type of carpet placed on the bottom is different.

A lot of people won't even notice and unless you are building a showcar, who cares, right?

If it bothers you, the dash section can be removed and replaced with a caprice on but it is a lot of work.

Some people say the color is slightly different too but it looks the same to me. I know the window bezels are a different color grey.
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