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7th Gen thermostat easy way

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I've seen lots of post about changing the thermostat, which is a pain to get to. I'll show you an easy way to do this without fighting the exhaust crossover removal and lower housing bolt.. Time=about 1-1.5 hrs. You might get a new TB gasket first. Got mine at O'Rileys for under $2.00 part # 61503 and it's a fel-Pro..

pic1=A pic of the part no and gasket for throttle body

Pic2=you need to disconnect wiring to areas in red. There are a few other things attached to throttle body on top and the cables to throttle and trans.

pic3=Shows the heating hoses attached to unit

pic4=Shows the location of bottom bolt which also holds the bypass tube in place. Also the throttle body heat disconnected.

pic5=View of thermostat housing with throttle body removed

pic6=Shows access to lower housing 13mm bolt. I put a rag under housing as shown in next pic first to catch bolt in case you drop it.

pic7=Here you see the rag in place.

pic8=After loosening you can get to it with fingers.

pic9=Exposing the thermostat (already removed) and where it goes..

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Is that a 3.4?
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