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'70 Caprice 350/300hp Engine Miss

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My Caprice runs real good @ idle, real smooth. I've put in new points/condenser/rotor/cap/spark plugs @ .35 . Dwell is at 29 degrees. Checked the timing + it's at factory spec. I sprayed WD 40 all around manifold & vac. hoses. Don't seem to have a vacuum issue.
If I put a load on the motor - It sputters & little popping (backfires) occur out of the exaust. Could it be the Coil is going bad? Seems like the more RPM'S I get -then it goes away...??
At night - I have noticed a slight flicker of the headlights & Alternator may be going bad...

I'm trying to avoid buying parts - I don't need.

Any Advice?

Mark in Kansas.:dunno::dunno::dunno::dunno::dizzy:
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Yeah, I adjust them at least once a year. this motor has 343,000 miles on it - but always ran very strong till recently. Oil changes are at 2,500 + with a new Wix finter every time.
Some days - it drives great, then like today-- it's sputtering & backfiring out the exaust. Not too long ago the battery was dead. It charged up fine in 1 hr. Sometimes lights get real bright & then dim. Maybe a Voltage Regulator ?
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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