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If you're missing 3rd 5th & Reverse this is a possible fix.
Sonax 3-5-R drum saver kit. 3-5-R Drum Saver Kit - 124555K

He's doing this in a backyard shop with no lift. It ain't impossible for Joe Sixpack to do this kinda stuff.
His video series is a 2008 Saturn Aura flip car he bought at auction for channel content with the LFX 3.6 & 6T70. Should be pretty close to the 2012 & later W Bodies and the 2013-2020 Epsilon chassis with that drivetrain combo.

There are three videos. When he found the Sonnax kit already installed he assumed the last guy in there did it partly right. Pay attention to details. Whoever was there before him screwed up the installation of the Sonnax kit by leaving out a friction plate as well as the snap ring in the clutch pak.

This is the first video. The first half is a Ford 302 engine backyard rebuild.
Fast Forward to roughly 25:40 for 6T70 content all the way to the end.

This is video #2 where he reinstalls the clutch pak retaining snap ring the other guy left off of the drum. Never assume. Look things over carefully.

This is Video #3 where he figures out what the other guy screwed up. It's worth paying attention to his comments about re-assembling the side cover to the transmission. It's an obnoxious fiddly job but not impossible. If it's getting on your nerves just walk away for a few minutes and come back once you aren't quite so annoyed. You can break the cover and other stuff if you draw it in using the bolts.
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