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I have a motor on my 59 that appears to be a single speed motor and gearbox. It looks exactly as the 59 GM passenger car shop manual shows for single speed. It has two terminals that wiring harness connects to it. Does anyone have a part # that is supposed to be on motor for single speed, 59? My problem is it will run off off car, or on car, but on car does not have enough power to pull blades across windshield. Also, there is a third wire coming from the motor which does not connect to terminals, but is loose. This may be ground for parking contacts??? Anyone know where third wire goes to? Adding to problem may be poor wiper frame to ground connection. I'm checking that. Could be that someone has put a two speed motor on original single speed gearbox??? Any sugguestions who I might contact? Also how can I add picture of motor to this post? Thanks much
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