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There definitely was/is a GM 5.7 diesel!!! They were a converted 350cid gas-burner but the block was
A. beefed up
B. machined for the fuel injection pump
C. 4 bolt mains
D. heavier duty crankshaft
E. reworked heads to accept injectors
F. larger head-bolts
very few of these were very dependable and many have been replaced with 350 gas engines or 6.2 diesels
of note GM also converted to diesel a smaller V-8 that they placed in some cutlass's I don't remember it's liter size
spec's would be in a Motors Manual from late 70's or early 80's you might also check alldata online

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I didn't think there were any left they were such junk. For the most part they were a small block 350 gas engine with different heads. They were always breaking head bolts throwing rods and breaking cranks As far as I know you wont find any thing on them any more and the parts are probably not available for any major work to be done on them. If you have a major problem with one I would recommend replacing it with either a 6.2 L Diesel from a slightly newer model or do as many people did it the 80s and convert it to gas .
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