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Hey I'm looking for a quick motor to be built and see one off of eBay for 2500 shipped to my house. Its a 383 LT1 claiming to put out 375HP and 420ft/lbs of torque. First I don't know if i'd need a 4 bolt main or stick with the 2bolt mains hes offering. I do plan on getting a set of headers and replace the bolt on accessories to be sure none of them will fail on me down the road. Like sticking with ac delco parts? My mechanic only puts ac delco parts in my car when something needs to be replaced, but now since im going with a bigger motor and more power maybe upgrade to aftermarket? I do plan on going with the procharger kit down the road possibly I don't know. Oh and it is going to be daily driven somewhat. I like to enjoy the money I spend :)
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