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ZZP carries a wide variety of 3.8L performance parts. They mainly deal with the Grand Prix however all drivetrain items are basically a direct fit.
These guys also have a wide array of parts. However they do touch on some areas where ZZP isn't as big. They do get into brakes and offer a wider selection of suspension components. If you're looking for a wider powertrain selection you may have to hit up the Grand Prix area here as well.
-This site is an all encompassing site. Interior, Exterior, Wheels/tires, Performance parts.
*One feature on PFYC I haven't seen anywhere else is that on many items they have install instructions online. I find this useful, especially to the novice individual so that they may see what installing the part or doing the modification will entail prior to buying the part and attempting the install. I used this feature with my headers so see how much work the install was going to be.
Intense is primarily performance only site. Everything from mild to outright insane. PCM programming to race prepped 3.8L engine blocks. Some good info and multimedia can be seen here as well. Intense used to carry some ZZP parts, but not so much anymore. =BBODY&Category_Code=00IMP
External mods.
Performance, it's safe to say they know something about 3.8L forced induction.
-OBD II PCM editing software/hardware. Feeling ballsy and smart? Go here to get the hardware software you need to reprogram your own PCM. DO THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK! 6&cat=2000%2B+Impala
Jet Performance modules to car bras, and dress up items.
Need an alcohol/water injection setup to help fight KR? Very popular with the Grand National crowd.
HID kit for the new Impalas. Various other lighting kits/accessories. (canadian site)
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