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ok...i traded my holley 600cfm in on a brand new 750cfm carb :) it runs OK but not right, it has a little hesitation on slow acceleration and i can here a very faint sputtering sound when i mash it to the floor, it feels like if something was adjusted a little bit it was really hawl ass down the road, not sure what it is, was thinking my timing or spark advanced, i didn't adjust anything on the carb but the idle screw, put a brand new fuel filter on, i have a 350 engine (supposed to of been rebuilt along with a 400 turbo tranny rebuilt) suppost to have a 292 or 294 cam in it, no headers (just the old type exhaust manifolds) mechanical fuel pump (looks used) vacuum type distributor, holley street dominator intake manifold... was just looking for some help before i take it to a speed shop and have then diagnose the issue, (saving money) i have replaced all the vacuum lines also (PCV and distributor)
i do think its electronic ignition, hell i dont know there are wires coming out the distributor lol, i was thinking maybe a bigger fuel pump not sure what my pressure is now, but edelbrock makes one that is 7-7.5 psi and u dont have to have a regulator for it, yes it is a automattic turbo 400 tranny and i do have vacuum secondaries on the carb
it's an edelbrock 750 NOT a holley sorry for the confussion... o the holley worked good for a while until it started flooding out and i adjusted it a lil and it never did run right (i think i also blew out the power valve) which edelbrock dosent have those to worry about. i did see where i could move the lever that controlls the secondary pump so there is a little adjusting i can have there
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