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ok...i traded my holley 600cfm in on a brand new 750cfm carb :) it runs OK but not right, it has a little hesitation on slow acceleration and i can here a very faint sputtering sound when i mash it to the floor, it feels like if something was adjusted a little bit it was really hawl ass down the road, not sure what it is, was thinking my timing or spark advanced, i didnt adjust anything on the carb but the idle screw, put a brand new fuel filter on, i have a 350 engine (supost to of been rebuilt along with a 400 turbo tranny rebuilt) suppost to have a 292 or 294 cam in it, no headers (just the old type exhaust manifolds) mechanical fuel pump / vacuum type distributor, holley street dominator intake manifold... was just looking for some help before i take it to a speed shop and have then diagnose the issue, (saving money) thanks
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