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3400 Timing chain cover coolant leak

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Hi All

I've got a question that I hope hasn't been asked before, does the timing chain cover on the 3400 in a 2003 impala have any coolant channels in it?

My car started leaking coolant a couple weeks ago. The leak was on the rear of the engine on the passenger side. I couldn't get in close enough to identify exactly where it was coming from but it was dripping off the lump that I circled in red on the attached picture. I thought that since there really weren't too many other possibilities from that side, I figured it was either LIM or head gasket. Now both have been replaced, but it's still leaking! So I'm wondering if it could be the cam cover gasket. Any thoughts?


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Oh wow, blast from the past.
I never did figure out where this leak was. I poured in a half bottle of rislone block seal and it ran for another 2 years. Eventually the water pump failed and the overheating blew a head gasket.
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