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2002 Impala 3.4L V6 LT FWD 243.1k miles
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4-year old thread (just noticed when I tried to "mention" @04Imp38 and it didn't automatically come up!) ... but he's right - I've got 242,000 on my 2002 3.4L engine and ... still the factory-original Timing Chain in there.

It's a single chain. That's the good news. I've done the front cover gasket on my Impala ... it's not that bad to get to that point (from the Shop Manual):

1.) Disconnect battery
2.) Drain coolant and oil (I might've only drained the coolant)
3.) Remove the oil pan (I skipped this)
4.) Remove the Coolant Recovery Reservoir (I think I skipped this? ... but may have been necessary for room? Can't remember.)
5.) Remove Crankshaft Balancer (76 lb ft). You need to stop the flywheel from turning. I've used one of those foot-long "Wonderbar" crowbars (black, 1/4" thick, about 2" wide). Actually sat right in the hole (vertically, with right-angle "head" pointing horizontally, IIRC) ...and locked itself in as I put pressure on the Balancer Bolt with a Breaker Bar and steel pipe sleeved over the handle. GM has a special tool #J37096. I've also used a cast iron chain wrench wrapped around the pulley/dampener (with a heavy rag in between to prevent damage to either one ... you don't want to nick these things up!)
6.) Remove Drive Belt Tensioner (37 lb ft)
7.) Remove Power Steering Pump (w/lines and push aside) (25 lb ft)
8.) Disconnect T-Stat Bypass Pipe from Front Cover
9.) Disconnect Radiator Outlet Hose from Front Cover
10.) Remove Water Pump from Front Cover
11.) Remove Lower Crankshaft Position Sensor from Front Cover
12.) Remove the Front Cover bolts (3 sizes? ... 5 #1's, 3 #2's, and 2 #3's). Make sure to draw a picture showing where each bolt came out so they go back into the right holes on re-install. On re-install, the Front Cover bolts torque as follows (lb-ft): #1's: 35, #2's: 15, #3's: 41
13.) Remove the Front Cover
14.) Remove the Front Cover gasket
15.) Inspect for damage to the Cover, Front Oil Seal, and Gasket Sealing Surface

16.) Rotate the crankshaft until until the Timing Marks are aligned:
a.) Camshaft Alignment Pin (or Timing Mark (center line of the locator hole)) ... aligned with Timing Mark on the top of the Chain Dampener (at 6 o'clock)
b.) Timing Chain Dampener (bottom) aligned to the Crankshaft Sprocket Mark at 12 o'clock
17.) Remove the Timing Chain

!!WARNING!! The following is my personal "take":

Since my 2002 Impala Helm Manual appears to be contradictory between what the text says and what the sketches show, I would say that as long as you slip the new chain on without moving the Cam or Crank you should be fine since there is no mention of aligning any particular links of the chain, or any links being different colors, or anything as complicated as my 3-chain Equinox which requires multi-stage Alignment of Timing Marks. This one appears to be very simple - just like a singular Timing Belt, except it's a Chain.

Good Luck!
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