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Are you talking about the automatic stop/start in the 4 cylinder engines? GM introduced that I believe in 2015, where the engine would cut off automatically under certain conditions to save gas. Is that what you're talking about maybe?

The manual for your 2017 says this:

If equipped with the 2.5L L4 engine, the vehicle has a fuel saving stop/start system to shut off the engine to help conserve fuel.

Auto Engine Stop/Start
When the brakes are applied and the vehicle is at a complete stop, the engine may turn off. When stopped, the tachometer displays AUTO STOP.
When the brake pedal is released or the accelerator pedal pushed, the engine will restart.

Auto stop may be deactivated if:
. A minimum vehicle speed is not reached.
. The engine or transmission is not at the required operating temperature.
. The outside temperature is not in the required operating range, typically below -10 °C (14 °F) or above 50 °C (122 °F).
. The shift lever is in any gear other than D (Drive).
. The battery has been recently disconnected.
. The battery charge is low.
. The interior comfort level has not reached the required level for the climate control system or defog settings. Use the eco (green indicator on) air conditioning mode for better efficiency.
. The auto stop time is greater than two minutes.
If that's what you're experiencing, it's completely normal operation. I don't think you can turn it off, but I'm not sure on that.

Hope this helps.

(PS: Admin, please move thread to right forum to allow for potentially more help, thanks!)
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