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2015 Impala Sunroof Wind Deflector

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I have a 2015 Impala 2LT with the Sunroof and rear passenger skylight.
I am trying to find a Sunroof wind deflector from Weather Tech like I had on another car. It has the fingers that clip to edge of roof.

The only one they list is for a 2015 Limited model, however they do list one for a 2016-2018 Impala.

Isn't the same sunroof used on all 2014-2018 Impala's? That's how it looks in the parts diagram ,it shows same part number for all years.

I called WeatherTech and they told me there must be something different or they would have listed the fitment for all years and not just 2016-2018. He told me it would be a roll of the dice if I ordered it, but assured me they would not miss a sale by making the mistake of not listing all years it would fit.

I'm confused as what would be different? Anyone know??
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