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2015 Impala Limited LT Fog Lights Installation

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Hello everyone, I having a issue with getting my fog lights hooked up on my 2015 Impala Limited LT, now I was under the impression due to the topics already made here about this that all 2012's and later 8 gen Impalas were already wired for the fog lights, you just have to changed the bumper and main headlight switch.

I bought my new fog light bumper and new headlight switch about two years ago and was waiting on a good time to switch them, well long story short I was in a hit and run accident about a month ago which scratched up the original non fog light bumper and cracked my driver's side headlight, so I figured now would be the time to do the switch while getting the car repaired.

Well the gentleman who is repairing my car called me this morning and told me that he couldn't find the hookup for them and he said that he could make a switch in my car so I can use them, but I don't want them hooked up like that, so will I have a buy the LTZ wiring harness(which I now came to find out is the same part number for the LT and LS, the same car, different trim levels) so I can use the switch or the hookups are in a different location. Thanks for hearing me out and sorry for the long post.
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I got my car back Monday and the man who fixed all the damages caused in the accident and also the damages that I'm at fault for did a outstanding job, but like I said he told me that he couldn't find the connectors to hook up my fog lights and he also didn't bother to change out my old headlight switch with the new one because his GM friend said that it wouldn't work anyway after he ran my vin number and that the car computer would have to be reprogrammed and possibly the car may have to be rewired for the fog lights to work and he didn't want to risk frying anything(his words).

Well I decided today that I was going to risk changing out those switches myself because I already paid for it and I felt like they were both wrong, and after getting the new switch hooked up, I tested it, and guess what, IT FULLY WORKS!!!! all the buttons worked, all the lights(inside and outside) came on like they should have, and when I pressed that fog light button, the indicator light inside of the instrument panel lit up and the parking lights will come on without me having to turn the knob!!! so that right there tells me that my car is already programmed and wired to work with fog lights, just got to be hooked up, now I feel like the man didn't even try to find the connectors, I truly believe that they are there, well my dad is pretty good at wiring up electronics so he told me that he'll hooked them up and I'm going to need a mini fuse for the fog lights in the fuse box under the hood, then they should work.

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Well my dad got my fog lights hooked up today, not the way I expected, turns out the man who did the body work on my car was right about the car not having the connectors present, so I got two from AutoZone, also his GM friend was also right about my car not being properly wired for the fog lights either, which I found out today when I tried to put the 15A micro fuse for the lights in the engine compartment fuse box location and their wasn't anything inside the fog light fuse spot for the fuse to plug into, but my BCM is programmed for the lights, just my car isn't fully equipped for them.

My dad got them hook in with my parking lights, so now when I remote start my car, turning on the parking lights, unlocking the doors at dusk or when its dark outside, and of coarse driving at night, the fog lights will be on, the only times they(along with the parking lights) can be turned on/off when you press the fog light button is during the day when the day light running lights are on or when I turn off automatic lights, so now I know I'm more than likely have to go the GM dealership(unless I find a factory level electrician) to correct this issue with my fog lights so they can work like they should if they were factory installed, I'm happy right now because I have more visibility at night, but I'm dreading the cost to make things work like they should.


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