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2014 U0101 Code TCM

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Anyone know where the TCM is located on the 3.6L getting a code and want to check the connection rear camera and door locks aren't working when it goes in gear either
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The TCM in your vehicle is located inside the transmission, it is also known as a TEHCM (Transmission Electric Hydraulic Control Module). The wiring to the transmission may be rubbed or chewed threw somewhere in the engine compartment (concentrate on sharp corners, attachment points, etc.)or you may have a failed TEHCM. Make sure the wiring is good between the ECM and the transmission first before condemning the TCM/TEHCM.

I cannot recall where all the wires run on the impala but I have seen a few wire harnesses contact the bank 2 catalytic converter in a Enclave/Traverse and shorted the wiring.

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