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Hello I have a 2014 chevy impala LT v6.
I have strange intermittent electrical issues. It first started with the radio screen going black and not working unless I disconnect and reconnected the negative battery cable. This was a common occurrence and it was annoying but tolerable. Then it started to give me anti theft issues. Again it was annoying but I delt with it again the same way disconnect negative battery cable wait like 10 minutes reconnect and all fixed. But then that trick stopped working I would then have to disconnect negative and positive cables and then wait 10min and wait. Then eventually that stopped working also. When it is doing this simply nothing happens I put the key in and it just keeps the key locked in like it thinks it's being stolen. Now the only way I can get it started and fixed is by jumping it. But I have to jump it a rather weird way. In the photo I have to connect the positive to the positive but the negative to that little black wire on the mega fuse and then everything work fine for a few days. I have tried replacing the mega fuse but still same issues
I have taken it to the dealership and they said it was some bad fuses and connections and they sent me home and I called them back because I was having the same issues
I took it back and they tightened up some lose connections and sent me home.. again I called them back and told them it was still happening. Brought the car up there a 3rd time and they replaced the negative battery cable. They tried to send me off on my way but the car would not start at the dealership so I left it there and am waiting to hear back.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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