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Hello, don’t post much here, that’s obvious but changed the rear-upper control arms today in my wife’s impala after some long procrastination.
So went in for an alignment a long time ago and the tech showed me some free play in the rear wheel with the wheel off. The assembly was able to shift in and out as if the bushing was semi-blown out. You couldn’t then and still can’t see any issue with the bushing but was physically able to move the disc/knuckle in-out.
So we abort the alignment and I head over to the dealer, of course they can’t find or hear anything on two separate occasions. I too when replacing them wasn’t able to duplicate the shift but the thump has always been there.
The noise was some thump whenever the rear wheel would articulate. It didn’t take much for it to thump, usually going in and out of driveways would be enough.
So finally got around to it and replaced them today. Was concerned the arms wasn’t the issue because they still look good, no cracked or torn rubber. But once off you can feel how week the rubber is compared to the moog replacement. You can easily move the bushing within the arm and not so much with the replacement.

R/R is easy, just 2 bolts/nuts, maybe an hour for both. Use a jack under the knuckle to help install the new one and install the inner bolt first then push the rotor in to be able to align the knuckle with the outer bushing hole.
Did a quick drive to make sure it was fixed and no thumps. Had to force it being that driving it like that for so long you get used to avoiding it.
See pics of how weak the rubber is:

Rock auto rear control arms


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