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2013 LTZ audio/speaker newbie questions

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Hi all, I am interested in getting started with upgrading the sound system in my car. I have begun doing research for the past few days, but I believe for my use case I might get better help on this forum. My model came with the Bose speaker system on it (if that matters) and I noticed that at higher volumes the bass does distort a bit, and the quality, while fine at low volumes, leaves some quality to be desired on some of my more acoustic songs.

My main question is simple, I want to know if I could get any minor improvements with a simple speaker upgrade/replacement without having to figure out amplifiers, crossovers, etc. And if anyone who reads this and has a 9th gen impala has any speaker recommendations that I could just plug & play and enjoy better sound with at a price of ~300 to 400 dollars. I'm not looking for any crazy improvement. I also want to keep my current aftermarket (relatively cheap) navigation head unit.

Any tips, advice, warnings are appreciated, as I'm still new to audio systems in general, but I also have no problem doing a little wrenching.
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You can replace the factory components up front and the rear deck 6x9s with whatever you choose out there. You will not get the most out of them unless you feed them some power with an aftermarket amplifier. The fronts are 6.5 door speakers and a 3/4”-ish tweeter in the A pillar.

I have been running a set of Polk Audio components and Polk 6x9s with a Pioneer 4x100 RMS amp running them and a Kenwood amp and sub combo for some bass. It has served me well over the years during my 510 mile a week commute to work.
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