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Stats on my car:

Mileage: 36,800
Time of ownership: 7 days
Drivetrain: 3.6L V6 with a 6spd automatic transmission

Thoughts on my vehicle:

Initial thoughts are very good! I love the power that these cars have. I'm coming from driving 4 cylinder cars and 6 cylinder trucks that don't have power. I've got a taste for speed and am currently building an older muscle car (1976 Nova).

The transmission feels solid, but the shift points seem a bit weird to me. One minute I'll be cruising along in 6th, barely get into the gas and it's suddenly in 4th or 3rd until I let all the way off and it goes back to 6th. The pedal feels like it has a deadzone right at the start of the pedal and I don't want to be hard on the car so I really ease into it.

I'm getting 24mpg doing some pretty steady city driving, I drive 15 miles a day to work one day, so 30 miles a day total. Not a long drive, but it's mostly city. I'm impressed with the city mileage, especially with me putting my foot in it multiple times doing 0-80 runs.

It will go from a dig, too. With TCS off, it'll spin the front tires with ease. TCS works great and will do it's best to control the front tires when it's on and you put your foot into it. It's got some torque steer but it's not horrible.

The stock radio is a little lack-luster. There's potential, but the head-unit definitely needs work. I'll eventually put a good sound system in with some subwoofers, but for being new it'll do for now. I've listened to nothing but XM Radio, so I can't comment on CD or AUX-input quality.

I love the spaciousness of the interior, plenty of room for me and I'm 6 foot tall. Passengers have enough room in the rear as well. Definitely fun to drive.

It's no sports car with 500 horsepower and competition suspension, but it's got a solid ride to it and is sporty. Sporty enough for me at the moment. I think if the transmission shifts could be more logical and solidified, and the "deadzone" in the pedal was fixed, it'd be great. I'm pretty sure the Overkill tune fixes this from what I've read, but that's a bit too much money for me at the moment.

I plan on getting the windows professionally tinted to 35% all the way around in the coming weeks before summer gets here. That should make it look a bit better, and help me at night. I'm used to being in a taller truck so the lights didn't reflect in my mirrors as bad, now being low they shine right into my eyes and it's distracting a bit.

Photos of the vehicle:]


If you have any questions, want pictures of specific parts or anything, just let me know! I'll do my best to answer! :eek:k3:
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