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Hey Folks,
I need some advice on this and I think I'm getting taken for a ride but I don't know by whom.

I have had some issues with my stabilitrak every once in a while the service stabilitrak would come on but it would go off and not stay on constantly. And I also knew that my brakes needed to be done.

So I went to a local service shop and had my brakes done and everything was fine. but then one day the stabilitrak came back on again (about 2-3 days after the brake work). I called the local dealer and took it in as I still have a warranty.

They stated the ABS Sensors and Harness had to be replaced on the front passenger and driver side, so they did the work.

About a day later I'm hearing a squeaking sound from the driver side where part of the work was peformed. I had to travel for work so I parked the car and came back in a week and still heard the noise.

I went back to the brake shop thinking it was the brakes. They took it for a drive couldn't hear anything (as when I came in it wasn't making the noise go figure) so they pulled the pads and found a grease spot of some sort of one of the pads they cleaned the pads and rotor and reinstalled them (no charge).

Now the noise is back. So I took it back to the dealer that did the Stabilitrak work. They just called me and said that the caliper bracket was making the nosie and it had to be reinstalled for $112.

I said to go ahead and do the work..

So here's my question when this work is done for the ABS don't they need to pull the front brakes off to replace the sensors and harness? And if so what it is the likelyhood that they infact screwed something up since it started happening the day after I picked it up (and they were well aware I was leaving the next day to travel as I told it to the service manager).

I don't mind pay for work that needs to be done but if it was their shotty work to begin with I don't think I should pay for it.

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