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2012 White Impala For Sale

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225,000 KM. Was a taxi. I bought it to use as a taxi again but could not secure the taxi plate.

The original owner said they had sold their taxi plate. I bought it drove it maybe 100 km before parked it in the garage.

I didn't notice anything wrong with it nor have I had it inspected but it was driving nicely. I did remember a little noise but nothing crazy weird, and these cars are nicely maintained, the company it came from is a stringent inspector and I think the mechanical paper is still valid till June this year.

I would like to get 6000 for it but would take 5500. Its nice and clean on the inside and has newer snow tires on it.

Located in Alberta.

PM for more details
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I havent done anything with it. I've only driven it about 100 km. I was supposed to have won a taxi plate but I was refused due to technicality, so therefore i don't need the car anymore. I remember from searching these threads that some have just done a hard reset of the computer and transmission was better timed for shifting. I never drove it long distance, only short trips, so it simply could be the car has not warmed up nicely. The car is driveable, and has 225,000 and was used as a taxi. From driving it for only 100 km I don't know the feel of the car totally except from what I've previously posted about it when I first got it.
Hope this helps. Thanks, if you have any additional question's I will try to answer them best I can. Reason I parked it is because I have a van and the insurance is cheaper to drive. I paid next to nothing for the van so I insure without collison. I paid $5500 plus interest and fee's for this car and with collision the insurance is double. This car if I was able to use it for a taxi would have been a steal of a deal even if i had to rebuild the tranny simply because of the year. The engine has nice power and is a swift feeling ride from what I remember....
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Also I do know that this car goes through rigorous inspection and I beleive the mechanical paper was performed less last June. So you can be sure it see's the mechanic and any wear and tear items have been replaced upto its service as a taxi
Is that a string holding the bumper up?
That is where us Canadians plug in our televisions.
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