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We've had this car about a week now. We're coming from a Ford Freestyle back to a sedan, and love it.

I have a 2003 Silverado with the 4.3L, so this is a real kick in the pants for me. If I had one complaint about performance, it might be the lower gears though. I'm assuming it's because of the electronic 6 spd. It seems a bit hesitant from a dead stop, but once it gets up in revs and past 2nd gear, the power is ready to go.

Outside of that, we didn't buy it to mod it or worry about go-fast stuff. It's our family car. It's roomy and quiet (unless you jump on it, then you get that satisfying, throaty growl). The handling is better than I expected, but since we're coming from an AWD crossover that hugged the road like rails, I am impressed so far. It feels solid and more than capable. We can't wait to get it on our first road trip.

The ride is superb too. It soaks up the bumps, and that is very different from the rough ride of the AWD crossover. I find myself looking for bumps and potholes just to compare.

I'm 6ft and my wife is 5'4". If we had memory on the driver's seat, that would be great, but as it is, we've found our spots and it seems that all we do is adjust the seat forward and back. I put blindspot mirrors on it and that helped parking and driveway navigation tremendously.

I have had a few GM products. I have to say I like the dash layout and the fact that it isn't as busy as some of the other cars I have owned. I had a Pontiac that had as many buttons as a lunar module, so I like that this is simple and functional and looks classy.

We just love the car and have no doubt we will continue to love it.
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