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I've searched and not found a thread on how to replace this alternator. Seems that most have the alternator near the firewall. Mine was in front by the radiator.

1) Remove Battery (bracket, battery, battery tray (to gain access to pulley on alternator with socket)
2) I also removed the top coolant hose - just from the bracket aft of the battery. Helped me gain access to alternator and idler pulley
3) Two bolts in front of alternator. Both 15mm but one requires a deep socket. I didn't have a deep socket so I used a box end wrench
4) Two wire connections. I think one was a 13mm, the other is a traditional fitting (pull up - gently - on the tab and then slide the connector off the alternator)
5) A 1/2" receptor on the idler permits belt loosening with just a 1/2 socket wrench (I slide a pipe over the wrench for leverage - it isn't hard).
6) 15mm bolt on the alternator pulley and the alternator comes right out.

Probably an 1.0 ~ 1.5 hr job. I'm slow.

- Jimmy
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