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2012 Impala sudden rpm increase

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Hey Gang,
On my 2012 i notice when i first start to drive, ill be lightly pressing the gas pedal then suddenly the rpms seem to shoot up and switch gear... Any ideas what might be causing this ? its a little jerky and not pleasant. thanks
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Sounds like you have a transmission issue that is causing certain gear(s) to slip (the sudden increase in RPMs). If I recall, you have a lot of miles on this car, right (how many miles?)? Might just be time for a transmission rebuild. We've all been wondering how the 6-speeds will hold up in the 2012+ 8th gens - sounds like we may be starting to find out! If I recall, you have on 200k miles on this 2012, don't you?

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Oh heck, I expect the tranny in mine to fail way before 200,000 miles, and if it does, and I am still enjoying the car, I'll just toss in a light performance rebuild and keep enjoying it some more. :)
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