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2012 Impala LT-Outer Tie Rods Leaking Jam

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Hello Folks,

I have two questions.

1. This tie rod is leaking grease, I assume that it means that it's done for and I need to get another one. Would that be correct?

2. Should I leave the zerk fittings on the tie rods or should I remove them?

3. Is it possible to "over-grease" the boots? I'm wondering why this tie rod died a little a year after installation. This is the side that I didn't put the axle nut on and ended up destroying a hub-assembly.

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Any help is greatly appreciated!
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If the boot isn't ripped you can grease them again. The zerk fitting can stay on as this prevents debris and other road crap from getting into it. Grease them until it starts to seep out and you're all set.
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