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2012 Impala LT-Outer Tie Rods Leaking Jam

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Hello Folks,

I have two questions.

1. This tie rod is leaking grease, I assume that it means that it's done for and I need to get another one. Would that be correct?

2. Should I leave the zerk fittings on the tie rods or should I remove them?

3. Is it possible to "over-grease" the boots? I'm wondering why this tie rod died a little a year after installation. This is the side that I didn't put the axle nut on and ended up destroying a hub-assembly.

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Any help is greatly appreciated!
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The old book says to pump in the grease until it flows out from the joint/boot... That was last century
As a retired truck mechanic on ball joints if you have an air operated gres gun do 2 quick squeezes of the handle. That’s enough after the initial greasing. I have a 2012 Impala LT it has no grease Zerk fittings so your tie rod ends must be after market replacements, just a reason for using genuine Ford parts only.
1 - 1 of 5 Posts