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2012 Impala LT-Control Arm Change, Didn't Torque At Resting Height

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Hello Folks,

I changed my control arm. But I didn't have the arm pushed up with my jack while torqueing the bolts that connect it to the body.

Is it best that I un-torque the bolts, raise the ball joint, and then torque the body bolts down again?

I'd rather redo it once and be good than kill a new control arm.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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How many miles since the change?
1 mile at most. I changed the arm and then had to fly for a business trip. I didn’t drive the car to the airport.

I did hear a weird screeching noise while driving it around the block. But that went away for my 2nd ride around the block.
If it was my car I'd loosen and retorque with weight on the control arm. Just my opinion.
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