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2012 Impala LT-Anti-Seize On Axle Spindle(?)

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Hello Folks,

I'm replacing my hub assembly, and I'm wondering is it okay to put anti-seize on the spindle(?) itself? The hub came out and off like a charm, and I want to make sure the next time is similar.

I'm looking to put it on the axle where it makes contact with the hub assembly.

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Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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It's also going to give you a better torque reading, less thread friction.
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S'pose anything is possible but if you can overtorque the CV nut to the point of breaking I want you on my side of the barroom fight
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The other advantage is it won't gall up the threads, we go thru jugs of the antisieze on the presses, 1 1/2" bolts holding 50,000-plus molds in place so they c be squeezed with 1500 tons of pressure while 450F plastic is forced in at some 2500 pounds of pressure and 400 psi nitrogen holds up the backside of the pieces to reduce the sinks and maintain the texture as things cool down... an average production run can go 5000 cycles. The die setters swear by Antisieze especially when it's time for a mold change on a multi nozzle press.
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1 - 3 of 13 Posts