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2012 Impala LT-Anti-Seize On Axle Spindle(?)

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Hello Folks,

I'm replacing my hub assembly, and I'm wondering is it okay to put anti-seize on the spindle(?) itself? The hub came out and off like a charm, and I want to make sure the next time is similar.

I'm looking to put it on the axle where it makes contact with the hub assembly.

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Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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Use it on the spindle and the CV splines.
Use Loctite blue on the hub to spindle bolts. Never Sieze might allow the bolts to back out of the hub or snap off from being overtorqued. That would be really bad.

I've read advice from Permatex to derate the torque by around 25% if you lube the bolts with Never Seize. I think I'd take what Permatex says over some random Schmo on the internet.
Whew!! The way this came over in my email had me worried. I used on the splines, and nowhere else. The bolts were all blue Loctited. Thanks for your help.
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S'pose anything is possible but if you can overtorque the CV nut to the point of breaking I want you on my side of the barroom fight
That's good to hear. The spec said to torque it to 150ftlbs, but I stopped before the click because I snapped a bolt once waiting for a click and I've been gun shy ever since 😢
1 - 3 of 13 Posts