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2012 engine replacement

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New to this forum and new to GM products, V6 engines and front wheel drives too for that matter. I'm about to start on a project replacing the engine in a 2012. I'm not sure what caused it but it seems to me the camshaft is bent. I figured for the price of fixing it, I could replace the engine with a used one for cheaper anyway. I dont know much about the history of the car. It's got a 3.6 with 101,000 miles. It was a security car so I'm sure spent many hours at idle. I bought it for very cheap as is tow it off the lot.

Anyway, im picking up an 80k miles motor today with a warranty. I've never pulled a fwd engine before so I'm asking for any pointers in doing so. My plan is to remove the hood, radiator (and grill/bumper if need be) disconnecting the trans axles/CV joints and working one piece at a time what looks like it needs to be moved to get the engine out. Of course the basics of engine replacement will be covered.. fluids drained, hvac evacuated and capped, labels, hardware organization etc.

But if anyone got experience with this motor let me know what youd reccomend. Hoping this project can be done in one weekend. Nothing seems terribly complicated to me

Thanks, Jacob
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I don't have any experience with removing this engine. I am pretty sure in almost all fwd cars it is easier to drop the engine out the bottom than pulling it out the top. I would be trying to disconnect everything and removing the engine and trans together by dropping the subframe. It would be cool if you documented this and posted back with how it went and details. Good luck!
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Yeah, dunno if the best route is dropping it out the bottom and removing the entire drivetrain, or separating the motor from the transmission and pulling it from the top. With whatever, agree with the above, post the process if you can.
I'd recommend eng., tranny and cradle all out the bottom.
Out the TOP! Don't have to take off hood (just hood struts and lay back hood gently) CV axles, radiator none of that. Only two things gave me trouble power steering pump mount bolts and stud broke off bottom of back converter/downpipe. I did mine out in yard with a engine hoist.


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Update.. sorry I have been ignorant with pictures. I got the old engine out and new one back in and bolted up. It came out the top not too complicated. The biggest pain in the butt was the wiring harness. Usually I've seen engine harness have a breakaway point somewhere in the center but this one doesnt. It seemed like it wrapped 3/4 of the way around the engine.

I'll see if I can remember the process I took correctly.

Drain all fluids

Remove intake manifold and all obvious parts like air filter box, battery etc.

Removed Tstat housing, disconnect fuel lines (3/8 quick connect tool)

Removed alternator, unbolted ac compressor and lay down with lines still hooked up.

I ended up making a plate out of scrap I had laying around that bolted to where the intake manifold was. I'll post a pic of that with measurements.

Hooked the hoist up and disconnected all motor mounts and exhaust parts/cats/down pipe. Actually ended up breaking off a stud the same as mentioned above.

Removed the bell housing bolts

Removed starter

Removed torque converter bolts thru starter hole.

Lifted the engine and preyed away from the bell housing.

Lifted high enough to reach behind and disconnect power steering lines.

A few more cranks and she was out.
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Good piece of info to have on this forum. Thanks
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