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Hi guys, I’m new to the community, I drive a 2011 Impala LS Police Interceptor(9C1) Right now I have a junk setup and would like to make it proper, I’ve got a cheap little sub hooked up to a cheap little amp tapped into the rear speakers with a factory head unit. I’d like to upgrade, complete Rockford Fosgate besides two subs under the rear seat. So here’s what I’m looking at. Trunk sub, I’m looking at a 12 inch slim (250w, all wattage mentioned will be RMS) or a 10 inch (500w). rear 6x9s (150w pair). 3.5” rear tweeters (40w pair). Front 6.75s (120w pair). Front door 1” punch tweeters (120w pair). Front pillar 1” tweeters (80w pair). This is all Rockford fosgate, I’m looking at about $700 in speakers, I’d like to figure out what I need for a headunit to support all this I’m interested in Apple CarPlay and a backup camera but would like to keep it under $400. I have a 600w rms amp to power the Rockford fosgate 12 slim and the rear speakers, but in that case to do it right I would need an output converter correct? If so what would you recommend to me. Also extra amps??? I’m going dual 250w RMS/1000w peak JBL slim 12 inch subs under the rear seat. All advice will be greatly appreciated, and in depth to because I’m new to the speaker world. Thank you!, Jeremia.
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