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Hey All, I am Jack,
I bought my 2011 LT new and have just went over 160K. And I still like my car. I decided to catch up with the times by adding an aftermarket stereo. This has been a learning experience for me, I am waiting for more parts to come in so "In Progress".

So I bought a cheap one ($56) without doing any research. Then found out I needed a bracket so I ordered a $15 one that had a harness with it. Then I found out you need a special harness ($50). And also you need an adapter for the antenna ($8). If you don't get the right harness you loose your Chimes/Turn Signal and other sound effects.

I really hated the idea of paying as much for a harness as you do for the radio itself but it does seem to be the way to go. The $40-50 harnesses do include the external speaker for the Chimes. And they have a mini USB port on them, so they must have some chip inside that takes care of the proprietary side of the stock radio. They all say it is updatable but I don't see that happening after you install the sucker.

Once you have a new harness the color code are pretty simple.

The back up camera may be a little harder for me. I think I will need the orange wire to signal the radio that back up is in progress (even thou the picture that came with my radio says the pink wire).

If you have a car with the factory harnesses cut off (there are 2 - a 14 pin and a 16 pin). Here is a wiring diagram.

If someone has a suggestion on where to ground my back up camera or the best way to mount it, I would appreciate it.
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