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I just replaced the 3rd blend door actuator on the left side of the radio. I have owned this Impala since 2014. It had 50k miles when I bought it and it now has 122k miles. This blend door thing has been just about the only thing I dislike about this car. I have never replaced the center blend actuator which is just left of the glove box. And the actuator on the right side of the glove box I am replacing today for the 5th time. I believe these are all the same quality, I have paid $30. for one and as low as $19. I had one go out in 2 months and on average they last 6 months to a couple years. I am now retired, and the car sits more than it's driven. Put new brakes on it just before I retired, and the tires are about 50% so I think it's a waste of money to buy a new car now. The actuator on the far right doesn't seem to have a bad effect on the function of the heat and air system. But the one to the left of the radio does cause some problems when not working, not to mention the very loud ticking.
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