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Transmissions are the primary concern with 8th generation 06 to 11 Impalas - especially the SS models (made from 06-09). They are fun cars and a tremendous used car buy IMO, but factor in buying a new transmission when calculating how much you want to spend/can afford. The 2012s, though still "8th gens" have a superior 6 speed tranny (and the 3.6 V6 making almost as much power as the 06-09 SS).
Since the 2012s put out nearly the same horsepower as the SS models, it makes much more sense to buy a 2012 in my opinion. If you buy an SS, be prepared to spend a couple thousand on a transmission rebuild. Might as well spend some more money and buy a newer car with a better engine and transmission. Check out Autotrader. I saw some good deals on 2012 Impalas on there. I'm going to have to test drive a 2012 Impala to see how much better these cars perform, compared to the 2006 3.9L that I have. :eek:k3:
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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