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This is my first time posting, however I would like some insight. I acquired my dads Impala SS. It has 202,xxx on it and I would really like to get it back up and running.

I currently have no forward gears when the vehicle is on the ground on its own weight.

However when I lift the car in the air, the transmission comfortably shifts through 1,2,3, and into D. Reverse works perfectly fine and feels very strong still.

there are currently no DTC codes active besides a FRONT HEATED SEAT SHORT TO GROUND.

transmission fluid levels are fine. Fluid is not burnt and still a nice red color

any pointers would be fantastic!
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The front wheels turn when lifted off the ground and shifted into gear?
The front wheels turn when lifted off the ground and shifted into gear?
Yes! 😤

the first link is while the vehicle is under its own weight.

the second link is the vehicle lifted off the ground.
At 202,000 miles I would guess the sun shell split or the torque converter is no longer converting or the forward sprag isn't spragging anymore.
Oil starts going places it's not supposed to go and the vane pump gets tired too.
Essentially your 4T65E-HD transmission is likely in need of a proper rebuild and a new torque converter.
The 4T65E-HD ain't the transmission to cut your teeth on. If this ain't your first rodeo get an ASTG book and dig into it.
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